IT Services

With many years of experience in the IT industry Intertec has developed services across the IT spectrum to support the wide-ranging needs of our customers. Included in these services are Software Engineering, Test Engineering and Quality Assurance, Cloud Solutions, Program and Project Management, Infrastructure Management, Delivery Models, Content Management and Business Analysis.

Under each of our primary service areas are specific skill areas where Intertec has gained depth of expertise. With specialized knowledge and experience across a diversity of industries, Intertec’s team is qualified to provide our customers and partners with professional IT solutions and services.

Intertec’s delivery models include outsourcing, managed services, co-managed services and professional services. These models have been specifically developed to work cohesively with our customer’s organizational structure and processes.

What Intertec Can Do For You

Software Engineering

One of our areas of expertise is custom software engineering and support. We provide personalized technical services throughout the software lifecycle. Our team includes a wide array of experienced professionals, such as interdisciplinary analysts, developers, database administrators, architects, and user experience designers.

The cloud represents a path forward for radical business transformation. Whether you're upgrading your on-premise infrastructure to run in the cloud, or transferring your server between providers, or launching a Mobile Device Management solution to manage your newly remote workforce, your expectations are high. Luckily, Intertec's Cloud Services team has the know-how and experience to successfully transform your businesses.

Cloud Services
Infrastructure Service

Intertec offers a wide spectrum of options in infrastructure management. We perform end-to-end outsourcing of specific infrastructure functions and develop strategies to construct and integrate technology architecture.

In its test engineering and quality assurance practice Intertec utilizes a client-oriented approach based on careful and focused requirements gathering according to the scope of the project. Our engineers are highly skilled in gathering all necessary information and creating effective and efficient test plans to ensure completeness and quality of the final application.

Quality Assurance Service
Project Management

Is your project portfolio investment aligned with your organization's strategic roadmap? The coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies of all sizes and across all sectors to learn how to manage projects remotely. While the outbreak is wreaking havoc on many fronts, not least of which is the global network of healthcare systems, proper project governance, especially in remote-working situations, has become top of mind.

The key to successful business analysis is to effectively channel resources into projects that deliver the highest level of efficiency, value and profitability. Whether your business is looking to fine-tune your current practice or to take a step to the next level, Intertec International’s business analysts can provide clients with services in order to design solutions for your business channels.

Business Analysis
Content Management

We have evolved a SharePoint Center of Excellence and provide enterprise level services in SharePoint architecture, development, and administration to our customers. We have participated in the design, implementation and management of SharePoint engagements in multiple industry verticals, including banking, insurance, and manufacturing.

Gaining experience in the latest technologies across the IT industry is one of Intertec’s main priorities. As a result, we are able to successfully provide our clients with expertise in a variety of technologies. Our teams bring the understanding and experience to execute complex technology projects and programs that fulfill our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Intune and MDM Services

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions like Microsoft Intune are the clearest answer to the these lingering questions, offering potential time savings and compliance improvements—but they require significant IT capacity and baseline level of cloud knowledge that many companies lack. With a managed service provider like Intertec running your MDM, we do all the work for you.

Intertec International’s extensive experience delivering high value, customized Microsoft products, services, & support has qualified us as a certified Microsoft partner. By choosing Intertec as your IT services provider, you gain access to technologies and knowledge that only a member of the Microsoft Partnership Network can provide.

Microsoft Certified
Delivery Models

Intertec International has extensive experience working under various delivery models. We draw upon our expertise when examining our customer’s unique requirements. By being flexible in our approach, we can determine the best delivery model for the given situation.

We assist clients in the architecture, implementation, and maintenance of SAP Ariba, Hybris, and Concur. These intelligent, integration-ready applications help businesses manage customers, supply chains, networks, employees, and core processes. Our SAP resources have extensive hands-on experience on projects involving the following SAP Digital Core Solutions applications.


Let's Talk About Your Company's IT Services Needs

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WHY Choose Intertec?

Intertec International is an IT services company founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. We have locations across the United States, and our nearshore technology center is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. With 15+ years of experience in the IT industry, we have a proven track record of working with companies of all sizes from across the globe to solve their complex technical problems through customized solutions.

  • Experienced across a broad range of vertical markets in the U.S., Latin America, & Europe
  • Nearshore location in Costa Rica: time zone and prozimity aligned to the U.S.
  • 30%+ cost savings compared to similar services in the U.S.
  • Rapid alignment of management teams and clients' technology
  • World-class productivity levels and utilization rates
  • Aglie and Scrum certified resources