Business Analysis

The Key to Successful Business Analysis

Predictability may not always be your goal as a business, but when it comes to IT–it should be. Accurate business analysis ensures that the outcomes of your IT projects are predictable and, thus, accurate.

Fortunately, we have the key to successful business analysis. Intertec International will effectively channel resources into your projects, delivering the highest level of efficiency, value, and profitability.

Lean Consulting Framework

By leveraging a lean consulting framework aligned with our client’s vision and business needs, our business analysts will structure, implement, and closely monitor customer requirements to continuously maintain and improve client business.

With advanced technology solutions and years of expertise, Intertec International provides clients with training and consulting solutions that enable the strategic development of business analysis processes. From start to finish, we apply efficiency with a client-orientated focus in a cost-beneficial manner.

Our team combines the expertise of business analysts with a wide variety of technology experts, ranging from systems engineers to enterprise solutions architects. With these experts, we will complement your internal teams or provide a fully functional business analysis team–whatever your needs may be; our services are catered to your business.

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune current practices or transition to the next level, Intertec International’s business analysts will provide you with the expert services needed to design and drive solutions–efficient and predictable–every time.

Our Business Analysis Services

Our business analysts provide services including:

  • Requirements discovery
  • User story mapping
  • Business process improvement
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Middleware business services
  • Database technologies
  • ETL
  • Data warehousing
  • Business intelligence
  • Cloud solutions

Our Process

With a lean consulting framework, our business analysis process includes:

  • Identify the projects, project requirements and documents, product backlog information, and process flow diagrams
  • Determine how projects will be completed through collaboration between clients and our business analysts
  • Lead in the facilitation of compiling concise requirements through workshops, interviews, and relevant business analysis elicitation techniques
  • Design and analyze the requirements into technology solutions for our client’s business
  • Ensure that technology solutions pass through testing, implementation, and stakeholder approval

Efficient business analysis requires predictable and reliable processes. With Intertec International’s team of expert analysts, you can expect and receive the results you want–time and time again.

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Our Capabilities

  • Microsoft Certified Partnership Benefits
  • Test Engineering & Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Delivery Models
  • Content Management
  • Program & Project Management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • SAP Services
  • Infrastructure Management

WHY Choose Intertec?

Intertec International is an IT services company founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. We have nearshore locations in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico. With 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, we have a proven track record of working with companies of all sizes from across the globe to solve their complex technical problems through customized solutions.

  • Experienced across a broad range of vertical markets in the U.S., Latin America, & Europe
  • Nearshore location in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico: time zone and proximity aligned to the U.S.
  • 30%+ cost savings compared to similar services in the U.S.
  • World-class productivity levels and utilization rates
  • Aglie and Scrum certified resources
  • Rapid alignment of management teams and clients' technology